Admissions Officer

New York | New York | Full-time | COVID-19 remote


Overview of the Position:
The Admissions Officer (AO) recruits, evaluates and participates in the selection of applicants for
admissions into Data Science Bootcamps. The AO maintains liaison with all functional departments and
individuals involved in the admissions process. AOs are also involved in developing public presentations
or events designed to promote the Academy and its programs. AOs must learn the product knowledge
of the Data Science Bootcamps (residential and online) and be able to advise applicants about
educational planning and preparation for accelerated learning in the residential and online bootcamps.
They must work as team to achieve the enrollment goals for every start in a year and the overall annual
goals of enrollment.

Key Job Responsibilities:
● Embrace the mission and vision of NYC Data Science Academy and fulfill the position
responsibilities with dedication and efforts for excellence.
● Participate in product knowledge training and get well-informed of the program objective and
its major program curricular components.
● Participate in admissions training to fully understand the whole enrollment process and the
critical steps to take the prospective students through the process.
● Discuss the features of the Academy’s Data Science Bootcamp and the inherent value
proposition and major differentiating factors of its bootcamp curriculum.
● Explain the fundamental requirement in the admissions requirements as published in the School
● Interview students to understand their objectives and backgrounds in order to assess their fit for
the bootcamps.
● Communicate effectively over the phone or in Google hangout environment with prospective
● Establish a rapport with prospective students and maintain it throughout the enrollment
● Communicate effectively with emails and other forms of writing.
● Demonstrate a genuine care for prospective students and motivate them to make informed
decision toward their educational goal.
● Follow the established admissions process and take appropriate actions promptly at various
intervals of the enrollment process.
● Use the admissions-related technology such as HubSpot and Google Hangout proficiently.
● Participate in on-campus and off-campus recruitment events.
● Work cooperatively and effectively with other departments in admissions related events.
● Demonstrate a strong sense of perspective and use discretion in discussing sensitive with
prospective students and in various work situations.

● Be a team player and work effectively in a team or independently.
● Observe the Academy’s work schedule with flexibility to meet scheduling needs for special
school events with appropriate comp time arrangement.
● Perform other work-related tasks as assigned by the immediate supervisor or as the situation

Position Requirements:
● Holds at a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution of higher education.
● Has some experience working in a business environment, and two or more years admissions
experience highly desirable.
● Strong verbal and written communication skills.
● Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
● Excellent customer service skills.